Liquori artigianali fatti a mano con passione italiana M

The production of “Donna Frida” liqueurs was born in Padua on the initiative of Andrea and his mother Frida, the idea is to offer unique liqueurs for the quality of the ingredients, for the originality of the way of production all by hand just like in the past without any use of dyes or artificial flavors, without any chemistry and all gluten-free. The first liqueur in production is the Lemon’Armonia limoncello cream award-winning with gold medals in San Francisco USA followed by Frida’s Limoncello, Frida’s Arancello, Frida’s Coffee, La Liquirizia di Frida. In 2020 in the COVID emergency, using the same alcohol we use to make liqueurs, we started the production of Sanitizing Spray for hands, surfaces and masks, and news for 2021 Frida’s Chocolate, we can also create splendid packages for Christmas and birthday gifts and favors for weddings or any other occasion.
Our goal is to produce liqueurs as theyuse to be, by hand, with real ingredients and with ZERO CHEMISTRY.

Confezioni regalo

For our customers who want to not only taste the unique flavor of our creams, but also want to satisfy the pleasure of beauty represented by a beautiful gift box, Frida has thought of a personalized touch of class.
A simple request and you’re ‘done, proposals are prepared gift with 50,200,500 bottles of 700ML and also in combination with packs of glasses of chocolate or other chocolate-themed Christmas or Easter.
Here are some examples of how we can customize your packaging.

Confezioni Regalo 

Liquori Personalizzati

Sei un azienda agricola, un piccolo produttore, un agriturismo, e vuoi avere un liquore personalizzato a marchio ed etichetta tua, creato appositamente in base al tuo gusto con i tuoi ingredienti o prodotti tipici del tuo luogo ?

Contattaci possiamo creare il tuo liquore con la tua materia prima (frutta, verdura, erbe…), eseguiamo vari test per trovare insieme la ricetta giusta, per poi fare una produzione personalizzata ed esclusiva anche in piccoli lotti, un ottimo modo per farti riconoscere, ricordare e distinguerti.

You can find our Liquors in winestore, restaurants, hotel in Ialy and also in Germany, Netherland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latwa.

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