AArtisanal Liquor hand made with italian passion

Donna Frida founded by Andrea and his mother Frida is much more than a simple production of liqueurs. It is a journey through authentic flavors and family traditions where you can taste the very high quality of the ingredients used for production. A name that evokes the love for tradition and the passion for authentic ingredients, no artificial flavourings or colourings are used into our production, all gluten-free.

We use only REAL INGREDIENT Organic lemon from Sorrento, organic orange from Sicily, cofee 100% arabica, pure cioccolate , pure liquorice for making all our liquors.

 Lemon Cheesecake liquor the award-winning liqueur with many gold medals in San Francisco (USA), Frida’s Limoncello, Frida’s Arancello, Frida’sCoffee, La Liqwuorizia di Frida and last born the Frida’s Cioccolato are authentic gems of taste and tradition, we also create many other liqueurs for farms or agriturismo who, like us, share the philosophy hand made with real ingredients and ZERO CHEMISTRY.

Gift Boxes

For our customers who want to not only taste the unique flavor of our creams, but also want to satisfy the pleasure of beauty represented by a beautiful gift box, Frida has thought of a personalized touch of class.
A simple request and you’re ‘done, proposals are prepared gift with 50,200,500 bottles of 700ML and also in combination with packs of glasses of chocolate or other chocolate-themed Christmas or Easter.
Here are some examples of how we can customize your packaging.

Confezioni Regalo 

Private Label

Are you a farmer or restaurante that want to create an unique private label liquor with your recipe or with our recipe ? 

We can create your liquor under your name and label 

Call us for more detail.

You can find our Liquors in winestore, restaurants, hotel in Ialy and also in Germany, Netherland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latwa.

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