Lemon Cheesecake Liquor the famous winning liquor

The production of Lemon Cheesecake Liquor requires only the rinds of lemons from Sorrento Naples, which are removed from the fruit immediately after harvest, in order to enhance the unique characteristics of this fresh fruit.

Particular attention is given to processing: only glass containers are used to avoid contamination and to help preserve the original flavor of the lemon.  The rinds are mixed with pure alcohol allowing them to steep for a determined and controlled period of time. Once infusion is complete, additional ingredients are combined, including milk but absolutely free of additives and dyes.

Frida ensures perfect execution of each phase,  from the selection and inspection of raw material to the deliveryphase of the finished liquor. 

For this reason, we are proud to be able to serve our Original Cream Liqueur, Lemon Cheesecake Liquor, and grant you a unique sensation while you are enjoying our liqueur a perfect harmony between the delicacy enclosed in the Amalfi coast, a light cream and the right amount of alcohol 18% Vol. A taste that can capture the true meaning of every connoisseur.

In March 2009 Lemon’Armonia ( Lemon Cheesecake Liquor) receives a Double Gold Medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition (USA) where with 870 participants from 63 countries worldwide, and 27 judges Lemon’Armonia receives excellence with a scope that is assigned only double gold unanimously.

The 2010 edition of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (USA) with 1024 participants from 57 countries worldwide the 30 judges confirmed the high quality of Lemon’Armonia with a Gold Medal

Lemon’Armonia in 2011 for the third consecutive year received the Gold Medal honors at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (USA).  This year’s competition included 1106 participants from 63 countries.

Lemon’Armonia in 2012 won a Double Gold Medal and Best of show at Denver Colorado (USA) International Wine and Spirits Competitions

Lemon Cheesecake Liquor are certified GLUTEN FREE and can be stored in freezer once opened. 

Serve ice cold or warm with whipped cream on top and Drink Responsibly.