Coffee’Armonia was born from the desire to create and offer a new and young product that expresses the entire tradition of Italian Espresso.
 For the production of our Coffee Cream Liqueur, Coffee’Armonia, through a careful selection, we decided to use 100% Arabica coffee that would give our product a perfect balance between aroma and body, through a specific roasting profile, in order to enhance the characteristics and quality of the base ingredient.
The “Mr. Exclusive”, 100% Arabica from Lucaffé, resulted as the ideal and important ingredient for  Coffee’Armonia together with our other natural and guaranteed ingredients, milk, sugar and alcohol. 

The alcohol content of Coffee’Armonia is 21% providing an acceptable amount for even the most demanding palates.

The skillful balance and careful attention to every step of the process from production to delivery are guaranteed, as always, by our staff that make the new Coffee’Armonia a distinctive and enjoyable flavor to be savored alone at the end of the meal, topping delicious gourmet ice cream or dessert, used in the  preparation of dishes, desserts or cocktails as well as a great gift for any occasion.
These are the reasons that make us proud to serve our coffee cream liqueour  “Coffee’Armonia” and to be able to provide the experience that is truly unique when sipping our liquor: a perfect blend of delicacy between 100 % Arabica Lucaffé coffee, a light and fragrant cream able to kindle the senses of every true connoisseur.It is recommended to serve Coffe’Armonia chilled and store Coffe’Armonia in the freezer once opened. Any separation is due to the nature of the ingredients that are completely preservative and additive free. Please shake before serving.

Coffee’Armonia won the bronze medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 

Coffee’Armonia are certified “Gluten Free”  available in small quantities and only on order and due the expiration date short cant be export outside of italy