Cioccolate Salami Cake Donna Frida  
Chef : Zia Lella Padova 
Difficulty :low
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  • 125gr di Butter
  • 200 gr Dry Bisquit 
  • 2 Egs  (optional)
  • 100ML Liquors Frida’s Cioccolato
  • Poweder sugar


  • Let melt the butter in a bowl
  • Break the bisquit in piece and add the butter and the 2 egs( optional)
  • Mix all good and add the liquors
  • Make a salami shape and store in Freezer for at leat 4 hours
  • Remopve from the freezer and devcorate with the powder sugar and cut in slide like salami and serve 
  • Contain Alcohol even in small quantity drink responsability